Trump Set Traps! States Deploys “Legions” Baiting Biden To Walk Right Into Them; 230+ Times!

There are times we need to sit back and assess the landscape, view the horizon for inbound danger. Then there are days we can sit back and watch others walk into the many traps that have been set by those whose political opinion, for the moment, we may agree with. Today is such a day…so let me explain why traps the Trump set are about to ensnare the entire Biden Administration!

Trump Drops Truth Bomb On ‘Fort Pelosi’! Interview Answer Tells Real Truth Of The Capitol Fence!

The Capitol wall represents more that just a security fence; so significantly much more. You see, Fort Pelosi is the Democrats brandishing their power to show us exactly who they want us to believe is boss. But then out comes Trump to drop a Truth Bomb on Fort Pelosi; something the main stream media dare not cover. Did you catch it? You will here along with all the other portions of the twisted agenda to remove each and every person who does not blindly agree to follow their agenda.

Trump’s Curse Strikes! Biden And “The Great Reset” ‘Fall Ill’ As Blue Turns Red Demolishing FDR History And The Democratic Party!

Trump’s Curse Strikes Again! New poll statistics outline what no one thought possible this quickly. To understand their meaning and impact we must go back in history to understand ‘New Conservatism’, the FDR New Deal, The League Of Nations and The Great Reset. We are going to soar at 30k feet and give you an overview of what is leading to startling new findings today. What is old is not necessarily new again as the World Powers have pushed tirelessly to have us join the ‘World Community’ yet they, again, underestimated the power of one man!

Was Trump Secretly Impeached? Shocking Recordings Detail A Much Different Outcome!

Was Trump secretly impeached? New recordings show that most believe a much different outcome occurred. Obviously we are not privy to all the information because what is heard on new video evidence is not inline with what we thought we knew. To make matters worse, it appears a secondary onslaught is being prepared to further attack Trump, but why is the question? Well, let us help you with the answer to that question!

Filed Under “Q” – Trump’s Reply Shows Why This Is The Impeaching Of We The People!

Well, Biden’s bluffs are backfiring…as the Global Superpowers of China and Russia show ZERO FEAR of the blundering Biden. So what overpowered response do we give to back of our most formidable enemy…we are going to employ, the EVER FEARED, ULTIMATE DEVASTATION WEAPON of “Strategic Patience”. Hmmm, wonder why we are going to sit back, saber rattle and do NOTHING. We are now the HUNTED and not the ‘HUNTER’ any longer. You can’t make this up and here’s the proof why.

Capitol ‘Shake-Up’ Here’s What They’re Not Telling You! It Will Change EVERYTHING You Think You Know…Reality Check Time!

So, this is what happens when you lose focus on two very important things; God and Constitution. While another ‘major shake-up’ event occurs, in reality, another distraction has occurred. Why are all eyes on the Federal Government to begin with is the real question. To answer it, we are going to pull from an amazing article that outlines how it is not about the ‘ants that are killing on another’ (aka us) but who shook the jar they were in before the fighting started. You think you know the answer?!…careful, if information is power then you are about to get the nuclear bomb of awakenings. This will, and should, forever change what you should be focusing on! (Hint: it’s not the little “g” that Government wants you to believe they are!)