Barr Calls Emergency Meeting with Trump! Caught Red Handed And “This Is Playing With Fire…” The Proverbial S#!+ Is About To Hit The Fan!

Bill Barr calls an EMERGENCY meeting w/ President Trump…but that is just the beginning! Has he finally caught them red handed…does he finally have the evidence to prove widespread voter fraud…or is there something else?! Well, if you heard a recent interview he did with Wolf Blitzer you would know exactly what is about to happen and we are going to expose IT ALL TO YOU RIGHT NOW!

Biden’s Call For ‘Unity’ Just Got Shredded! You’ll Never Guess By Who, And Their Ranks Are Growing More Dangerous Than Ever!

No sooner than Joe Biden called for ‘Unity’ did the exact opposite happen. Doxing list start being developed, MSM jumps on the ‘hate Republican’ train and Hollywood starts calling out their own. But that’s not the worst of it…not by a long shot. No, rather, Joe’s ‘Unity call was shredded by his own party. Unfortunately for him, if he was to win the Presidency, he has the fight of his life against the ever growing Squad of Socialism.