Who Is Intentionally Sabotaging Our Power Grid!? Attacks Happening Across The Country!

The most recorded events in one year…this year…and the data is only through August. Suspects, ZERO, arrests, ZERO; so who’s to blame? The Feds are involved and only, once again, looking at one group of people..Far Right Extremists. Wait a moment however, isn’t it far Left Extremists that have damaged infrastructure? This story is about to go from bad, to worse!

There’s Much More To This Story! Al-Qaeda’s Zawahiri Dead, But Here’s What They Failed To Mention!

To understand the full story on the announcement concerning the death of Al-Qaeda’s Ayman Al-Zawahiri is impossible if you listen to the Administration or the Main Stream Media. It is not only what just occurred, but what did not occur that paints a much different picture. If you don’t like being gaslighted, let us take you through the full story and what the Administration has failed to act upon that may will change your opinion entirely on the tall tale.