How Did Biden Get Away With This? We’ve All Been Deceived!

Biden has had only 1 mission from day one – stop the new International Order from being disrupted! How he’s been executing the agenda of Neocons is however one of the greatest Deceptions. By keeping you occupied with Ukraine, Russia, Inflation, Interest Rate Hikes and Food Shortages, they have kept your eyes off the ‘bouncing ball’! The ball bouncing not towards was but rather through the War we area already engaged. The only War that matters. A War against China!

Putin’s New Weapon! MSM SILENT On The Biggest Story THEY WON’T TELL YOU! It’s More Devastating Than A Nuke!

Your are about to have the blinders of MSM misdirection stripped from you eyes. One of the largest anti-government forces ever created is rising, but the Main Stream Media military complex is keeping in the dark on ALL of it. A complete black-out of one of the largest stories of our day…not a SINGLE word! We’ll show a weapon more powerful than any nuclear bomb and then run search by search to show you how it has been REMOVED from your reality!

Storm Is Here! Putin’s Last Laugh! China, Russia, India, Brazil Announce Joint Force To Destroy U.S.

There is always and will always be a plan. If you don’t know it, you’re on the outside looking in. There has been numerous stories about the pending ‘one world currency’. Did you know, we are in the midst of it’s creation right now? Did you know we are being destroyed from within to assure it rises? Did you know, the Goldman Sack’s created one of the blueprints? If you answered no to any of these, or you don’t know everything about BRICS…well, it’s time you did!

Putin Just Dropped NIGHTMARE “Satanic” War Inciting Declaration On Biden! White House Runs For Cover!

Not in two decades has Putin spewed the venom of anti-American rhetoric the was he did yesterday in his War Inciting speech on the annexation of the Ukrainian territories he just seized control of. For over 15 minutes he did not mention a word of Ukraine! Rather he shifted his focus to Biden and dropped bombshell after bombshell. Then he said it, he called the U.S. Government satanic and hit the point of no return for the Biden administration. Their reaction…run and hide!

IT’S OUT! U.S. Government Just Gave Away Its UFO Alien Secret And We Are In far Worse Trouble Than Imagined!

IT’S OUT! U.S. Government Just Gave Away It’s UFO Alien Secret And We Are In far Worse Trouble Than Imagined! I am not here to declare UFOs or Aliens or Demons don’t exist; rather, the US Government’s recent move towards ‘disclosure’ is not identifying any of the above…but rather is a cover for something no one is discussing. Well, until the Pentagon and China make near simultaneous announcements that puts the hold narrative to rest. It is far worse than we are being told (I know, no surprise) and the consequences are catastrophic!