Putin Just Dropped NIGHTMARE “Satanic” War Inciting Declaration On Biden! White House Runs For Cover!

Not in two decades has Putin spewed the venom of anti-American rhetoric the was he did yesterday in his War Inciting speech on the annexation of the Ukrainian territories he just seized control of. For over 15 minutes he did not mention a word of Ukraine! Rather he shifted his focus to Biden and dropped bombshell after bombshell. Then he said it, he called the U.S. Government satanic and hit the point of no return for the Biden administration. Their reaction…run and hide!

What Did We Wake Up To!? ‘Red Dawn Scenario’ Russia, China Pre-Staging Troops At Southern Border!

What Did We Wake Up To!? ‘Red Dawn Scenario’ ALERT! Russia & China Pre-Staging Troops At Southern Border! There are malign forces converging and their could only be one target in mind, The United States Of America. Venezuela, China, Russia, Iran and many more are moving military personnel and equipment within striking distance of our Southern Border.