Pope, Rockefeller & Rothschild Have Now Formed ‘Revelation Council’ It’s Agenda Is Truly Biblical!

Prophecy rages forward in the most recent rendition of what some would call the One World Government or the New World Order. Well now enter the Council for Inclusive Capitalism. This is not ordinary rendition of an old story line, not this one is far different. Let’s start with the Pope joining forces with the Rothschilds, would that garner your interest; well it’s in black and white and for all to see! This is rambling conspiracy theory; this is stone cold hard facts and evidence as it is presented on THEIR OWN WEBSITE! That is just the start however, wait until you see who are members. Even Bank of America is a proud ‘card carrying’ member, and their statement (BTW posted on their OWN WEBSITE) will validate everything you ever thought could happen, is happening!