‘Smoking Gun’ GA Election Surveillance Video So Devastating Fox News Even Says Enough Is Enough!

How bad must it be when Fox News has to eat crow and report on election fraud in Georgia that is SO BAD, SO OBVIOUS and SO CORRUPT that it can be ignored! Well, they did…but that is only the beginning of this broadcast. We are going to dive into topics no one dare discuss, from Indian Reservation voting to the Director of Intelligence telling Joe Biden BEWARE…China’s here and their going to be growing even more dangerous to the very sanctity of the Republic!

How Did Trump Know?! Seconds After His Speech, 3 Incendiary Traps Are Set That NO ONE Wants Ignited!

How did Trump know?! Immediately following a speech he declares one of the most important in his career these 3 events occur that will illustrate to you the depth of evil we are in the midst of. For him to declare there is a coordinated attack on our election system was not only prophetic, but accurate beyond measure. We are going to cover Sterling, Wood and Barr and how the coordination of news is being used again us, again. However, and on a very serious and warning note…they are setting us up for a disaster. A disaster that can be set off by a single event. They have been setting it up for weeks and here is how they are doing it!