Red Alert! Pelosi Taiwan Trip Goes Contentious To CRITICAL After Biden Admin Drops Cryptic Message!

Hostile Act! Pelosi’s Taiwan Departure Goes Contentious To CRITICAL After Biden Admin Sends This Cryptic Message! Although confrontation was averted with China in reaction to Pelosi’s Taiwan visit; there was one action that will astound, shock and anger you! Although the Biden Administration has stood by there One China ‘policy’; there was absolutely NO NEED for them to do what they did. They endangered not only Pelosi (who we are no fan of here) but the whole of the American people. Why did they say this? Well, listen here to find out.

You Were Warned! Hang On To Your Wallets! Pelosi & Sinema Just Opened Pandora’s Taxation Box!

We warned you weeks ago it was coming; and now it’s here. Hold on to your wallets, Pandora’s Taxation Box has been opened. Pelosi and Sinema have their eyes on the prize and plan to assure you can NEVER again accumulate wealth. And, BTW, THIS DOES NOT AND WILL NOT ONLY EFFECT BILLIONAIRES. If you ever paid a toll or an income tax; you should understand why this story is so critical to your future financial status!

Not Biden’s?!? 6uild 6ack 6etter – Pelosi Mega Slip Up! Discloses Who’s Agenda It Really Is!

‘6uild 6ack 6etter’ just went from agenda to comedy show in zero seconds flat! As we watch the actors in Capitol Hill try to convince America they actually disagree, out comes the ring leader Nancy Pelosi to provide the ultimate comic relief. Let’s show you how she grabbed the largest shovel she could find and buried old Joe in huge pile of truth concerning who’s agenda BBB really is!