The Coup Is On You! If Last 72 Hours Didn’t Prove This Isn’t A Test It’s A Government Take Over Then Nothing Will!

We are at war, a coup of epic proportion…and America is sleeping through it. How in the ultimate battle of good verse evil are so many not able to consume and digest what’s happening? Let us take the last 72 hours and explain however the Government and letter agencies have, are and will continue to launch waves of attacks until the Republic crumbles to their will. If you this doesn’t prove it to you, nothing will!

Honeymoon Is Over! Emperor Biden Turns Lunatic Left Against Him In 3 Simply Shocking Statements!

Well, that didn’t work out so well for Biden…actually not much has recently. The Honeymoon Is OVER and the Lunatic Left has their sites squarely set on the Emperor in Chief! Here’s what happened and the 3 shocking statements Biden made that has turned the radical faction of his party against him. The dumpster is burning and it’s a glorious sight!