Oh No Joe! New Shocking Evidence From Hunter Scandal Shows Joe Biden Completely China Compromised!

Let’s start by being very clear, we are not and will not attack the love between a father and son. It is an unbreakable bond that should never be challenged. It does however sometimes come with consequences. As is the case in the Hunter and Joe Biden saga. As evidence mounts against Hunter Biden it is becoming ever more apparent that Joe did indeed have involvement in Hunter’s business dealings, although claiming the contrary. Unfortunately for Joe, new evidence is showing the the Chinese Communist Party, involved in many of the dealings, have racked up the most dispicable set evidence most could even barely imagine. If this is just the tip of the iceberg, as they have said there are over 10,000 photos and videos, you can’t help but to understand one simple fact. Joe is China Compromised due to the very thing we won’t attack, unconditional love. Unfortunately for him the consequences of those actions should cost him not only his ability to run for President but his very ability to be a free citizen of the United States.