White House Press Room Just Collapsed Under Its Own ‘Presser’!

The White House press room just collapsed under a pile of its own lies! The immigration ‘self imposed’ disaster has finally caught up with them. In the midst of a heated Title 42 line of questioning from the press, the press secretary once again shows the administration is clueless and the only plan they have is NO PLAN…which, as you know, is there WHOLE PLAN all along!

Trump Set Traps! States Deploys “Legions” Baiting Biden To Walk Right Into Them; 230+ Times!

There are times we need to sit back and assess the landscape, view the horizon for inbound danger. Then there are days we can sit back and watch others walk into the many traps that have been set by those whose political opinion, for the moment, we may agree with. Today is such a day…so let me explain why traps the Trump set are about to ensnare the entire Biden Administration!

BUSTED! If Democrats Felt Their Trump Impeachment Case WAS SO STRONG…WHY DID THEY JUST DO THIS!?

If the Democrats truly felt their impeachment case was SO STRONG, then why did they need to do this? Why did they need to lie? Why did they need to manipulate? Why did they need to deceive? We know it is the modus operandi but seriously, this desperate this late in the game shows true and utter contempt and hatred…but that’s not the worst thing that happened, oh no…here comes Joe!

DANGER! Overnight U.S. National Security Threat Goes Critical! What Did Biden Just Do!?

We are in DANGER! Our National Security Threat Level is now at CRITICAL levels…WHY!?…JOE BIDEN! With each stroke of his pen he has assured we are no longer safe, we are no longer secure and ultimately we are 2nd class citizens now exposed to the inbound flood and ATTACK of unfettered immigration. Be prepared…he’s not done yet…SO, HOW DO YOU LIKE HIM NOW!?