Biden’s Bluff Called! China & Russia Gear Up Military – Showing ZERO FEAR Of U.S. “Strategic Patience”!

Well, Biden’s bluffs are backfiring…as the Global Superpowers of China and Russia show ZERO FEAR of the blundering Biden. So what overpowered response do we give to back of our most formidable enemy…we are going to employ, the EVER FEARED, ULTIMATE DEVASTATION WEAPON of “Strategic Patience”. Hmmm, wonder why we are going to sit back, saber rattle and do NOTHING. We are now the HUNTED and not the ‘HUNTER’ any longer. You can’t make this up and here’s the proof why.

Infringement Overdrive! 2nd Amendment GAME OVER -House Introduces H.R.127 Right To Be-AR Catalogued!

Infringement Overdrive would be an understatement! This is truly 2nd Amendment GAME OVER as Sheila Jackson introduces the gun grabbing, weapons cataloging, right ending, H.R.127 or the Right To Be-AR Catalogued! You may think you know everything about his bill but let’s really cover all is isn’t wrapped up to be before we go ‘no holds barred’ on another Government overreach program.