Release The Trump Kraken! Biden Just Did The Unthinkable And Is Now Preparing For Far WORSE!

Another day another catastrophe as the Biden administration continues to move forward with pillaging our rights and freedoms. Yesterday however they reached to new depths of depravity as their hunger for power and control grows deeper with each passing day. We will cover the shocking revelations along with an ex-Trump Press Secretary praying for his come back to never happen…we however believe it is time to release the Trump Kraken, before all our rights are gone forever!

BOMBSHELL! NIH Director Turns On Fauci! Anthrax, AIDS AND Covid-19 Truth ‘Leaked Out’ Finally!

Restricted Republic exclusive FULL BROADCAST BLOCKBUSTER exposure! Remember 2001 and the Weaponized Anthrax scare that rocked the Republic in the shadow of the 9-11 attack. Did you connect the dots on the parallels between then and now…if you haven’t, this is a must see video. Dr. Fauci’s forever fingerprints have been found on both and may lend clues to the very origin of Covid-19!

They’re Coming For You! Congressman Declares “…The American People Should Be Scared To Death Of THIS” It’s Already Begun!

When a LIBERAL Supreme Court Justice comes out against a LIBERAL agenda…when LIBERALS come out against a LIBERAL agenda…when a past LIBERAL Supreme Court Justice comes out against a LIBERAL agenda…the very foundation of the Nation must be a stake. Let us play you all the sound bites that outline how Court Packing is not only a bad idea; it would be the end of the rule of law as we know it, and ultimately the final end of this great Republic.

FBI RED ALERT: What Do They Know? Intel Says It Will “Shock The Soul Of The Nation”!

FBI RED ALERT: What Do They Know? Intel On What’s About To Happen Will “Shock The Soul Of The Nation”! Do you know what this means? Some may have put the pieces together but it is a mosaic that Biden, the Democrats and the Tech Titans don’t want you to know! How is it that the very same people who hold the Hunter Biden laptop, the very same people who suppressed the Hunter Biden story and the very same people who have the most to lose from it’s information release are the very same people who are issuing a promoting and alert to do what exactly?!

BidenGate Confused? Who’s Hunter And Who’s The Hunted?! The Untold Stories Of The Many Sides Of An Election Year Saga!

If you find yourself confused about the saga we now call BidenGate, you’re not alone. It is, by its very design, now meant to confuse and cloud reality. Why did the FBI hold Hunter Biden’s laptop for so long and do nothing with it? How did the owner of the computer repair shop not know who dropped it off? Why is the Biden campaign now saying Joe didn’t have a meeting on his ‘official calendar’ yet not denying the e-mails implicitly. Why did the tech titans ban the story from being discussed? How did China make it into the mix and was there more than just one laptop seized? These are just a few of the many, many questions we will answer for you as we attempt to bring some clarity to a very confusing saga…this is all before the story turns very, very dark. If you missed who signed the original warrant to seize the computer…you missed another side to this election saga entirely.