Capitol ‘Shake-Up’ Here’s What They’re Not Telling You! It Will Change EVERYTHING You Think You Know…Reality Check Time!

So, this is what happens when you lose focus on two very important things; God and Constitution. While another ‘major shake-up’ event occurs, in reality, another distraction has occurred. Why are all eyes on the Federal Government to begin with is the real question. To answer it, we are going to pull from an amazing article that outlines how it is not about the ‘ants that are killing on another’ (aka us) but who shook the jar they were in before the fighting started. You think you know the answer?!…careful, if information is power then you are about to get the nuclear bomb of awakenings. This will, and should, forever change what you should be focusing on! (Hint: it’s not the little “g” that Government wants you to believe they are!)

Midnight SCOTUS Election Filing BOMBSHELL! Ferocious TX Lawsuit NO ONE SAW COMING Is Legal End Game!

Overnight, the most ferocious and legal sound election lawsuit to date was filed with the Supreme Court of The United States! No, it wasn’t from Team Trump, it was from Texas! That’s right, Texas is suing Pennsylvania, Georgia, Michigan and Wisconsin in the most legal Constitutionally based Election 2020 filing that absolutely NO ONE saw coming. We’ll tell you why the SCOTUS has all but no choice to take the case based on past rulings and Constitutional law. This is truly a BOMBSHELL filing that We The People cannot afford to fail. Luckily, in so many words, the SCOTUS has already said exactly why they not only WANT to take it, but HAVE TO TAKE IT!

BidenGate Confused? Who’s Hunter And Who’s The Hunted?! The Untold Stories Of The Many Sides Of An Election Year Saga!

If you find yourself confused about the saga we now call BidenGate, you’re not alone. It is, by its very design, now meant to confuse and cloud reality. Why did the FBI hold Hunter Biden’s laptop for so long and do nothing with it? How did the owner of the computer repair shop not know who dropped it off? Why is the Biden campaign now saying Joe didn’t have a meeting on his ‘official calendar’ yet not denying the e-mails implicitly. Why did the tech titans ban the story from being discussed? How did China make it into the mix and was there more than just one laptop seized? These are just a few of the many, many questions we will answer for you as we attempt to bring some clarity to a very confusing saga…this is all before the story turns very, very dark. If you missed who signed the original warrant to seize the computer…you missed another side to this election saga entirely.