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Mind Blowing ‘Justification’ For FBI Mar-a-Lago Incident Now Clear Once You See Who Paid For WHAT!?!

You think you have your arms around the Trump FBI Mar-a-Lago raid; we’ll, not without this information. You will never guess who paid for it and what they paid for! The Government Accountability Office just blew the lid of the story line and it will leave you speechless. This is not only Mind Blowing it is infuriating when you see what a clean paper trail was left behind in the wake of yet another example of MASS GOVERNMENT overreach!

Trump Got It! BOMBSHELL Intel Drop From Unimaginable Source Just Sent SHOCK-WAVES Through DC & FBI!

This story isn’t about Trump, it’s about YOU! If you haven’t been paying attention to the attack on We The People that has now been exposed over the last 24 hours then there isn’t much anyone can do to help you. The FBI has not only officially interfered in an election, they have suppressed free speech, manipulated information, deceived the public, politicized their agency, but also initiated and executed a PERSONAL VENDETTA against every freedom loving citizen in this great republic of the United States of America!

“The Line” Is A Dystopian Nightmare ‘Prison’ 160 Miles Long, 128 Stories Tall, 9 Million+ ‘Residents’ This Is No Utopia!

I would like to welcome you to “The Line”! Described as a green utopia, no vehicle, no emissions, no worry about food or health care…just simple perfection. Well, that is, until you realize what they are creating. It is a 160 miles long, 128 stories tall and only 650 feet wide dystopian nightmare structure! Your food is genetically modified, your under continual surveillance, you are medically tracked and your are pacified and hypnotized to be a perfectly compliant citizen. This is not science fiction, this is reality! Brought to you by none other than Prince Chop Chop of Saudi Arabia and funded, in part, by China’s Belt and Road initiative and a part of Agenda 2030…but that is only the beginning of the horror show!

What Just Happened!? Congress Goes Ballistic Over “Institutionally Corrupted” BOMBSHELL Leaked Info

What has congressional members going ballistic? There is a series of corruption that runs so deep that it permeates nearly every facet of U.S. Government. Their power is so unsurpassed that they have complete power to destroy lives and follow nearly NO SYSTEM OF GOVERNANCE! Now, what if I told you they are also responsible for the greatest degree of election interference in U.S. history. Well, that’s the claim now against them and it is validated by those within its own organization!