They’re Coming! New Domestic Police Force Authorization Requested! Immediate Authority To Kill On Sight!

San Francisco just asked for permission to build an army of lethal robots. Call it Robocop reality or Science Fiction turned Science fact. No matter how you term it; this is not normal. No one should simply accept the fact that this is a normal evolution in law enforcement; there is nothing normal about this, especially when it could be put in the hands of a police force and DA that don’t want you to be able to investigate THEM!

Body Invaders! U.S. Gov Now Creating ‘Hydrogel-Hydra MEDUSA’ Parasitic ‘Therapeutic’ Delivery & Tracking Organisms!

he U.S. Government is creating a way to track you and vaccinate you without you even knowing it’s being done. It’s not something outside your body either, oh no, this is a body invasion by Body Invaders! DARPA is funding and helping to create ‘Hydrogel-Hydra MEDUSA’ Parasitic ‘Therapeutic’ Delivery & Tracking Organisms!