police state

They’re Coming! New Domestic Police Force Authorization Requested! Immediate Authority To Kill On Sight!

San Francisco just asked for permission to build an army of lethal robots. Call it Robocop reality or Science Fiction turned Science fact. No matter how you term it; this is not normal. No one should simply accept the fact that this is a normal evolution in law enforcement; there is nothing normal about this, especially when it could be put in the hands of a police force and DA that don’t want you to be able to investigate THEM!

Bush Said What!? U.S. Government Just Quietly Declassified Post-9/11 Interview Hidden for 18 Years!

After being classified for 18 years; the U.S. Government, right during the midterms, decides to quietly release a 9/11 interview hidden from public view for nearly two decades. This is the only recorded version of President George W. Bush being interviewed by the 9/11 commission. You are about to find out why it was hidden for so long. What he said and the contempt and corruptness of the Administration is nearly beyond imagination…there was someone else calling the shots!

Mind Blowing ‘Justification’ For FBI Mar-a-Lago Incident Now Clear Once You See Who Paid For WHAT!?!

You think you have your arms around the Trump FBI Mar-a-Lago raid; we’ll, not without this information. You will never guess who paid for it and what they paid for! The Government Accountability Office just blew the lid of the story line and it will leave you speechless. This is not only Mind Blowing it is infuriating when you see what a clean paper trail was left behind in the wake of yet another example of MASS GOVERNMENT overreach!