New World Order

DANGER! Overnight U.S. National Security Threat Goes Critical! What Did Biden Just Do!?

We are in DANGER! Our National Security Threat Level is now at CRITICAL levels…WHY!?…JOE BIDEN! With each stroke of his pen he has assured we are no longer safe, we are no longer secure and ultimately we are 2nd class citizens now exposed to the inbound flood and ATTACK of unfettered immigration. Be prepared…he’s not done yet…SO, HOW DO YOU LIKE HIM NOW!?

BLASPHEMY! Shocking New Magazine Cover Depicts Biden As ‘God’! BEWARE! The New CULTholicism Is Here!

The cover of Jacobin magazine says it all…an absolute ABOMINATION! How they portray Biden is disturbing, unsettling and just outright WRONG! Now, we won’t get lost in their ‘satire’ label of the image…oh no, this is pure evil. To make sure you understand exactly how evil we are going to dive into this new religion of CULTholicism and the further attempt to make Government the LITTLE “g” God they want (and need) you to believe they are!