EXCLUSIVE! There All In On It! Trump, Biden, Bush! New Docs May Now Reveal Biggest Gov. PsyOp Ever – From Call of Duty to Cake Boss!

The Military Entertainment Complex…haven’t heard that name before, you better be damn well ready to learn it. New FOIA documents now go to show how much they are manipulating your reality! From Call of Duty to Cake Boss, they are signing off on scripts, modifying story lines and altering history entirely. This isn’t any one of event; this is a PsyOp larger than anything we have ever seen before!

BEWARE! Children Of God, Of Many Faiths, They Are Coming For All Of Us! Biden Closes In On ‘Red Dragon’ War!

BEWARE! Children Of God, Of Many Faiths, They Are Coming For All Of Us! Biden Closes In On ‘Red Dragon’ War! The history of religious persecution is not only repeating itself, it is taking on size and scale well beyond what most are discussing. There is a Red Dragon on the horizon, it is consuming everything in it’s way; yet many God fearing people look the other way in hopes of avoiding the pain and agony it brings with it. In the interim, millions are persecuted, enslaved and stripped of their freedoms and what’s worse; we are allowing to happen in our own Nation as the head of the beast wags the tail of its subservient leaders who are fueled by hate, greed and longing for power. In the end they will suffer; but in the interim, we will.

THEY LIVE AMONG US! Pentagon’s MASSIVE Secret Military Spy Force NO ONE Knew Existed Now EXPOSED!

Newsweek has exposed an undercover force that no one knew existed, until now. A force estimated at 60,000+ military troops that live among us; identities altered. Their mission…unknown, their tactics…unknown, their senior commanders…unknown. Never have they met with a congressional panel. This is an unchecked arm of the military who is weaponize to not only spy on our enemies but spy on you!

MUST SEE! Government Is ‘Purifying’ and ‘Purging’ U.S. Military – New Internal Doc EXPOSES How And Who They’re Targeting!

This is a broadcast we truly wish we never had to air…a broadcast absolutely critical to advance the understanding of the depth our Government is going to corrupt the sanctity of our American Military Institutions. To all our service members, we are sincerely sorry for what is about to happen to you. The list you are about to read shows this isn’t left, nor right, it is unchecked Government power seizing control of EVERYTHING!