White House Press Room Just Collapsed Under Its Own ‘Presser’!

The White House press room just collapsed under a pile of its own lies! The immigration ‘self imposed’ disaster has finally caught up with them. In the midst of a heated Title 42 line of questioning from the press, the press secretary once again shows the administration is clueless and the only plan they have is NO PLAN…which, as you know, is there WHOLE PLAN all along!

The Apocalypse is Now On Hold!

The Apocalypse is now officially been put on hold! But wait, no screaming from the rooftops? No leftist celebration? No Biden Bash? Isn’t this everything they wanted…a completely clean, limitless energy source!? Of course it…ISN’T! Why you might ask, well, tune in to find out!

‘They Couldn’t Stop Him’! Rittenhouse Takes Revenge In All Out Assault On Accusers!

Kyle Rittenhouse finally gets his revenge against the accusers that lied about, defamed and destroyed him! Although declared innocent in a court of law the court of public and social media opinion worked day and night to demolish him. Well now, vengeance is his as he exacts his revenge against so many that deserve the long arm of justice striking them down to the level of depravity they so deserve to wade in.