Month: July 2021

DECEPTION ALERT! Biden And Blinken Just Invited U.N. Judge And Jury Panel To Initiate The Unthinkable!

By far the most important broadcast I have ever done. Blinken and Biden just invited a Racism judge and jury U.N. panel to preside over American’s freedom. They however conveniently left out what this panel believes and what it stands for. We will show you who they are why this is one of the grandest deceptions carried out against the American people. Warning, this will result in unthinkable

Biden’s Dam Is About To Break! MOAB Of All Lies Nears Full Exposure! SO BAD, WSJ Just Turned On HIM!

What must it be, that it is SO BAD the Wall Street Journal turns on their golden boy BIDEN. Well, we can tell you what it is and it’s beyond a grand exposure. They have it, they have analyzed it and it proves Joe Biden’s dam is about to break! That’s just the beginning because the WSJ doesn’t take aim once, but twice…they must be in so deep they are covering their own a$$e$ to protect themselves!

Pelosi and DOD Just Activated Mass Domestic Military Grade ‘Undetectable Army’ Accountable To No One!

Pelosi and DOD just activated the unthinkable. A military mass surveillance system so powerful, so effective and so sophisticated that is virtual undetectable. But, it is detecting you at ALL TIMES. We warned you the minute she sent out the Capitol Police to CA and FL it was just the beginning…well here is a part of what they really have planned!

Overnight Biden Compromised! His NSA Special Assistant Now Linked To FBI Named ‘Chinese Spy Agency’!

Oh no Joe! Overnight Biden compromised. His Special Assistant To National Security Agency Personnel has links to a FBI named Chinese Spy Recruitment agency. This is Joe’s worst nightmare come true! But that’s just where the story begins, because it exposes and much larger narrative of U.S. elites working in partnership with China to take over our great Republic!