Month: November 2020

How Does Joe Already Know He’s Won?! Shocking Answer Caught On Tape! Countdown To Destruction…

Just hours remain, until the very face of our Great Republic could change forever. It appears however that Joe Biden already knows the results of the election. This is so much the fact he says he doesn’t even need your vote. Seriously, and don’t chalk this up to another one of his famous gaffes. There is great consistency in the message being relayed by Biden, Pelosi and many, many other as we near the hour of Election 2020. So, in this potential countdown to destruction, let’s review exactly what is being done to plan for anarchy. Let the gaffes, the lies and the video tapes begin!

WATCH BEFORE REMOVED! They Do Not Want This Information About Joe Biden Out Before The Election!

Is Joe Biden the perfect weapon?! Well, not in the way you think, but a perfect weapon nonetheless. To understand this story you have to know who the Council on Foreign Relations is and how much they dictate not only foreign policy but also domestic media as a whole. We’re going to give you a quick history lesson and then example of how they have grown more powerful and are orchestrating more than most realize. So is Joe Biden a perfect weapon…the answer is explosive and the state of our Republic hangs in the balance.