EPA Just BLEW THE LID Off The East Palestine Train Derailment Story!

RR News Update!Mar. 1st, 2023By: Justus Knight

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On today’s broadcast:

On today’s broadcast:

EPA Just Blew the Lid Off the East Palestine Train Derailment Story!

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  1. Page one from a Government report on Vinyl Chloride which is very damning! There is no way they didn’t know!!!

    8.1 A veil of secrecy In January 1973 the US National Institute of Occupational Safety and Health (NIOSH) issued an official ‘request for information’ to the public, including the chemical industry, requiring that all information relevant to the hazards of vinyl chloride be submitted to the government. Compliance was mandatory. The ‘request’ put the US chemical industry (both users and manufacturers) in a difficult position. Dow Chemical and other US manufacturers had signed a ‘secrecy agreement’ (see Figure 8.1) in 1972 with European chemical companies (Markowitz and Rosner, 2002, p. 182–183). The signed agreements, which were collected by Imperial Chemical Industries Ltd (ICI), United Kingdom, obliged signatories to hold in confidence new animal testing research from Italy, which would eventually contribute to more protective workplace standards. The US and European chemical companies met in Washington DC on 14 November 1972 at the headquarters of the US Manufacturing Chemists Association (MCA), the trade association of industrial chemical manufacturers. The scientific findings revealed at the meeting came from a medieval castle in Bentivoglio, Bologna, Italy, equipped with a modern scientific laboratory, Figure 8.1 Image of the Secrecy Agreement Source: Markowitz and Rosner, 2002. world-class animal testing facilities and top-notch scientific staff. Seated at microscopes, a scientific team, led by Professor Cesare Maltoni, was the first in the world to see evidence of cancer in the liver and kidneys of laboratory animals that had been exposed to inhalation of a daily concentration of vinyl chloride of 250 ppm — half the level allowed in workplace air at the time. While the companies did not doubt the evidence from these studies, the Secrecy Agreement did not allow them disclose it. Such was the concern about leaks to the public that Mr D. M. Elliott of ICI ‘insisted that the work tables be swept clear of paper for note taking before he would discuss anything regarding the European group’s efforts. Such was done’ (Markowitz and Rosner, 2002, p. 183). In fact, Professor Maltoni’s work was not the first indication that industry standards were inadequate and risked grievous harm to workers. The MCA had set an upper workplace limit for vinyl chloride concentration of 500 parts per million (ppm) in 1954. And despite a growing body of evidence that it was unsafe, this limit remained unchanged for two decades. Internal corporate documents reveal that in the 1950s the industry already had animal testing data showing the workplace limit to be excessive. By 1961 company toxicologists were internally recommending a limit no higher than 50 ppm. Only in 1974 did the newly established Occupational Safety and Health Administration (OSHA) issue a new standard of 1 ppm. In the interim, workers were exposed to vinyl chloride concentrations that caused excruciatingly painful bone disease and cancer. This chapter provides a summary of the early warnings and late responses to the dangers of vinyl chloride. 8.2 1930–1999: rapid growth in PVC output


  2. Shame I can’t put the picture of the secrecy agreement here!


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