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The Senate has taken emergency measures to stop an absolute nightmare scenario from occurring.  What is troubling is why now the need?  There has been talks for yours about the vulnerability of our power grid.  It appears now that situations have occurred of such significance that action was now warranted.  You must understand the history of attacks and the long and short term implications to under the severity of the threat.  No trains, no planes, no food, no sanitation, no phones, no money…just darkness!  Are you prepared?  If not, there will be no out.


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  1. My problem believing in major EMP attacks is the story of the two Witnesses in Revelation 11:9 “Then those from the peoples, tribes, tongues, and nations will see their dead bodies three-and-a-half days, and not allow their dead bodies to be put into graves”. 10 And those who dwell on the earth will rejoice over them,”. And this is three and one-half years after the Antichrist has come to power. Also, the Antichrist needs power grids, cell phones, and cameras to control the people of the Earth.


    • The 2 witnesses in first 3and a half years of 7yrs great tribulation.
      The 4th scale – Sun very hot (emp?) The 5th scale darkness. These 7scales are during the last 3and a half years. But we can expect birthpangs of hot solar flares before the big one with the 4th scale.


    • If your concern is accurate, then wouldn’t that open up the question of whether we are further along on the time line than previously thought? Or maybe Congress just woke up to reality. I really think that one nuke at ground level is all it would take to shut down the entire 5 part power grid with rolling, switching and borrowing. Gamma radiation at altitude would be a much more effective and longer lasting problem.


    • Read Mt 24:15 then Da 12:11 then Mt 24:21,22 then Da 12:12. 2520-1290=1230 the day the “great tribulation” begins. It ends day 1335 with the Rapture. MAKING SENSE OF REVELATION, A VERSE BY VERSE LITHOPHANE.


  2. There will be no trains, no planes, no food, no sanitation, no phones, no money… when the three-letter-agencies decide those things will disappear. Remember the false flags in the Vegas massacre, on 9/11, Iraq WMD, Iraqi soldiers re:babies in incubators, the Gulf of Tonkin and uncounted others?

    Americans have only one real adversary: Fedgov and the banks, corporations and politicos that support them.


  3. Please do not forget Parastoo Iranian Hackers shut down. Turkey all grids due to Turkish said things bad against Iran. So they brought Turkey down for 2 weeks and Turkish apologized to Iranian terrorist regime.
    WE love you from IRAN and world. We can not wait USA kick ass of Ayatoolahs soon. Next quake in coming California is 7 plus. please read HOPI prophecy .


  4. AMERICA is fast becoming the most EVIL demonic country on earth,and the people love it,they have become the most blood thristy nation in history,and it will cost them their life..but right now they could care less,they think the other nations of the world have a shorter memory then they do,THEY’LL know their mistaken when the bombs start’ll be the end for everyone…


  5. Wouldn’t the 5G allow for select locations to be UP while others are taken down?


  6. I also dreamt this morning that people were running around panicking because the newspapers hadn’t arrived & I was telling them I had seen something happen in the States & the press was shut down there. Then it went dark & people were all running to their homes. This may relate to the first part of this teaching where everyone is waiting for the next click bait news.
    Christine Gavin/Mooney
    Christine Gavin/Mooney
    35 minutes ago
    Wow I have dreamt of signet rings several times in the past, but this morning from N.Z I dreamt I was standing on steps watching over the 4th July celebration in Washington & the whole crowd joined together in a wave of red holding hands in prayer & communion, just as they did in real life at Trump’s rally recently. I believe this speaks exactly to what you are teaching! Hallelujah! These comments were in response to Lance Wallnau’s teaching on the signet anointing of Ester which I recommend so you won’t be tossed from side to side with scare tactics, but will rise up & fight as the Lion Army of Christ!


  7. I worked for one of the biggest utilities in the NW. We were being probed back in 2007 until I left and for all I know, still going on. Circuits would go down for no reason? No wind, or rain or snow… bad weather at all. It would go from 1500 to 3500 plus customers out of service. Never the same county, always different in time of day also. The circuit would be patrolled & checked, always the same…no problem found! Other utilities were having the same problems! This wasn’t isolated! Prep & prepare!


  8. Thank you so very much for this report Justus! It is incredible how our every mean of support is going away…. I have told my husband about this countless number of times yet he will not listen! I believe Christ is coming soon which is why all of this is happening. What are they going to do when everything goes down, people missing, unheard of things that will be going on. This country will be in Hysteria!



  1. The US Senate Now Hinting At A Catastrophic Grid Down Scenario Ahead - The Daily Coin

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