Alert!  US Government Issues Dark Warning:  Go Here And You May Never Come Back!

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There is so much information that happened in the last 24 hours we are going to rapid fire through some of the most critical headlines!  First, a huge victory handed to us on Net Neutrality!  Then how, as I warned, the FBI has now latched onto Amazon’s Rekognition software; it was only a matter of time before it was exploited.

Then the headline; U.S. Government Warns if you go here; you may not come back!  You will be harassed, threatened and detained are on the short list of potential outcomes if you travel here.  They remain Public Enemy #1 in my opinion and now the US Government has just confirmed it.  The reason behind it, retaliation, anger or just plain arrogance?

God Speed and God Bless,


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screen shot 2019-01-04 at 6.55.31 am


  1. The rail gun is old news. Yes the U.S. has their version of it. Why is everything ok when the U.S. does it or has it but if anyone else does this represents aggression? The only genuine threat to world peace comes from the empire which has military all over the planet and is invading one country after another against international law and constituting war crimes. That would be the Anglo/American/Zionist empire.


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