The Demonic Technocratic Attack On America: A Forecast Of Their 2019 Plans!

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A Nation Divided Cannot Stand; isn’t that exactly their intention?!…of course it is.  The Demonic Technocratic Elite our smashing away at our Republic to assure discourse is the norm and norm is considered evil.  So vilified they have made the USA that even Nationalism has become a bad word.

What should we expect in 2019… more of the same.  There is however breaches in their armor.  They are having to go to more pay to play platforms.  Who are they?  The Facebook’s and Google of the world.  The Evil elite who would just assume our country fall to the global order that they all seem so willing to embrace, support and foster.  We, however, will never let that happen!

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  1. Question: What are your thoughts on extraterrestrial involvement in all of this?



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